Saturday, 18 June 2011


Dreams, targets, goals, plans, .......all of us have them however very few of us actually follow through on them.  Is it a FEAR thing?

I know in my case it is.  The FEAR of rejection.  The FEAR of not living up to people's standards.  The FEAR of getting it wrong, and most of all the FEAR of failure.

When I thought about making cupcakes for people for a "hobby" it was fun and I enjoyed being able to provide friends with something that they could share with their family and friends that looked good and tasted devine.

Now comes the FEAR. 


There are so many people that do what I do but "better".

If you have a look on Facebook you will find so many cake/cupcake places that share their gorgeous creations and quite frankly I feel overwhelmed and frightened by the thought of someone asking me to creation something similar.

Am I crazy? Probably
Can I fix it? Probably
Problem: Time and money

There are so many cake/cupcake decorating courses that I would love to do and tools of the trade that I would love to own but funds just seem to be out of my reach.  Also I would need someone to look after my darling girls. (Mum why did you have to move so far away - Love you).

Seems I need to get myself out there a little more to be able to afford the finer cupcake details..... either that or watch a bucket load of Utube videos.  (Yes they have been helpful)

Well that's my whine/whinge for the day.  Maybe one day that Lotto ticket will produce a couple of hundred dollar bills so that I may attend one of the courses and my mum be here on a holiday to look after the girls.

Red Velvet
Looks like I have another dream to fulfil.

On another note I am trying out quite a few different recipes at the moment because there are so many family birthdays.  Next one is White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes.  Yum!  My flavour list on KTs-Sweet-Treats is growing.

Hoping you are all having a fabulous Sunday.

Sweet Eating
KT x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Storm is Brewing

Well its really been uneventful in the house of Sweet Treats, but there is definitely a storm of events brewing.

Firstly to Miss A - She has started to manoeuvre herself around the floor while sitting.  She can also get from a sitting position to laying flat on the floor on her tummy.  However, she is yet to master putting those little knees underneath her and going for it.  Here is where the storm is brewing ....... Miss H is not going to like her sister being able to get to "her" toys.  It makes me smile to think what dramas we are going to have and at the same time I am cringing about the clashes we are going to have when Miss A does finally crawl.

Secondly there are parties - baby showers, birthday parties, birthday parties and more birthday parties and between all that there are also babies due to arrive.  How exciting!  This will take us right through till the middle of  September.

Between all this we have rellies coming and going from north and south of the country.  I'm definitely looking forward to all of these get togethers because I cherish every minute I spend with my loved ones.  Also I get to meet my nephew, Master A, for the first time.

I love a good storm and I'm hoping that the rain that comes from my storm events keep my tanks full enough until the next love storm arrives.  They are few and far between but when they come they are doozies.

Lastly the storm of cold weather is due.  I'm not a real fan of the winter and will be hoping that its short and sweet.

Till next time
Love and laughter
KT xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

A day out!

Well yesterday the girls and I took a day trip to Brisbane to catch up with my parents who were up from Melbourne for a flying trip.
We spent the day at Wynnum at the beach.  I didn't even know this place existed.

Miss H had an absolute ball playing on the sand and in the nearby playground.  Investigating everything with her Poppy.

Eventually they made it into the water and Miss H turned blue/purple rather quickly due to the wind.

I always make the effort to catch up with my parents (when there is a chance) because I love the interaction that Miss H is getting, now that she knows who they are.  Also I love the reassurance that they are not as far away as they once were (in the US).
As my mum said "sea air seems to clean your skin". I think its cleansing to the soul too.  I always feel relaxed around the water.  I came home tired but happy.  The kids were also happy.  Poor Miss A may have had a bit too much wind but she was happy.  She wasn't too sure about the sand.

Well now that my soul is cleansed I think its time to do the same with the house.  Shame its neverending.

Till next time
KT xx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

To be messy or not to be messy?!?

To be messy or not to be messy?!?  That is the question.

Am I being a bad parent for not letting my girls get dirty?

I feel like I have trouble letting my kids get dirty.  I'm a stickler for making sure they always have to look nice and if that means going without (food wise) then sometimes I will take that option.  Strange I know and that's why I'm asking other mothers if they experience the same thing?

If Miss H decides she wants to play outside I have to consider what she is going to wear and then if she comes in dirty I cringe.  I also consider what she is going to wear when we go to town and what we will be doing there.  I will definitely not put her in a good dress if we are going on a playdate in the park however then I have the dilemma of does she still look nice.

I cringe when Miss H asks me if she can paint (she's only painted a couple of times and she's almost 3).  I hate that she mixes the paints and gets more over herself than the paper.  Maybe I'm a little OTT.  Thankfully I have a lovely friend ( that makes paint smocks and I ordered one which cuts down on some of the cringe factor.

One pet hate is when Miss H has had her bath and is ready for bed and hubby will come in absolutely filthy (cows and cars don't make for a spotlessly clean man) and ask for a cuddle. COME ON! Although after a few scoldings from me, hubby will now check if she's in her PJ's before asking.

Don't get me wrong occasionally I'll go with the flow and Miss H will get filthy dirty or wet through, but those times are few and far between.

Seriously am I strange or do most mothers have a cringe factor when it comes to getting dirty/messy??

Have a safe and Happy Easter.

KT x

P.S. Here's a photo of Miss A I took yesterday

This time I was glad we hadn't mowed the lawn or I wouldn't have got this shot.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Beauty of a sunrise!

Well I just had to share this view I had from my bedroom window this morning.  There is nothing like a beautiful sunrise to start your day.

The kids were up early and obviously I was too.
I think Miss A is teething so she is not sleeping real well although last night she did sleep through from 9.30pm to 5.30am. 
Why is it that you can handle when they wake up early however should they wake in the middle of the night and sleep longer in the morning you don't feel quite as good? 
ALSO I find it amazing how much sleep a mother can survive on!  I'm a fan of many mummas on FB who are sewers.  It absolutely amazes me that some of them have tiny bubbas and they are up until all hours of the night sewing and then quite often you see them posting again in the morning.  I'm sure I would have not been able to cope, especially when you have more than one child.
I love supporting these handmade mummas (and some who aren't mummas yet).  I have had to put myself on a FB buying ban because it was just getting out of control.  So many beautiful outfits! 
I have been eyeing off some of the softies on there too.
Lucky enough Easter is just around the corner so I ordered some knitted softies for my nephews.  Thank you Tash @ Little Ladybird.  She has so many goodies at reasonable prices and she is wonderful to work with.  Jasper and Arlo are going to be two spoilt little boys.  ;)

Well this hasn't been too much about the sunrise but the morning view certainly put me in a wonderful and motivated mood.
Hope your day is sunny and bright.

KT xx

Friday, 8 April 2011

Where to Begin?

Hi There!

Well this is my first attempt at Blogging.

I have read so many wonderful Blogs and definitely wonder if I can be as inspirational to people as some of them are to me.  The reason I decided to Blog I guess was just to share my views on how I see the world and also just to confirm that we mothers do have good and bad days and are often experiencing something similar trials and tribulations somewhere down the line.

I'm a mother of two beautiful girls, Hannah and Amy, and a wife to John.  John is a dairy farmer, so we don't get to go away that often nor have nights out.  Dairying is 24/7 and 365 days a year. (Maybe I'll win the lotto one day and we can pay someone to do the milking and then we'll get away for a decent break.)

I love living in the country and having so much space that I can turn my music up to the max without worrying about my neighbours.  The view from my house is beautiful and when the floods were happening it was amazing to watch the water slowly swallow up our farmland.

Also I have started making cupcakes for family and friends and again I have been getting a lot of inspiration from different Blogs and FB pages.

These were for an 18th. 

I now have a friend, Treen (thanks Danielle) who is wonderful and helps me out with all my questions regarding icings, cutters and all things cake.  She makes cakes (you know those wonderful big, gorgeous works of art that I would love to attempt however just get scared by the thought of it).  Here's one of her gorgeous creations:

Christening cake for Hugo Brown
I know nothing inspirational has been passed on today.  It has basically been a get to know me kind of deal, but I'm hoping down the track that I inspire someone. 

Hope you have a lovely day